South Ice Field Extreme Adventure

The Southern Patagonian Ice Field is clearly one of the world’s last Terra Incognita. It’s a universe of ice and snow where few people have set foot. What it more, it is Earth’s third largest glaciated area lying quite close to El Chalten, at the west of famous Fitz Roy. We offer you the opportunity of going through the Ice Cap, sightseeing world-famous mountains such as Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre and walking all the length of Argentina’s biggest Glacier, Viedma Glacier.

The most westerly winds bring great amounts of snow, falling and building up on the plateaus and mountains of the Ice Cap throughout the year. As time goes by, ice formed up there and later flow down the valleys. The Ice Cap and related glaciers become then a massive network of ice. The Southern Patagonian Ice Field represents the third biggest mass of ice in the world after the Antarctica and Greenland sheets.

Ice-Field expeditions are very tough since they require hiking over all kinds of terrain and in very isolated areas. Winter camping experience is useful and day after day the party may encounter harsh conditions.

This experience is not for everyone, let´s say that it is for very few travellers…. BUT, do not doubt is asking for trekkings with less restrictions than this ones. We have options of 2 or 3 days available for almost everyone.