About Us

Esteros Viajes is a boutique DMC of Argentina. We specialize in customized tours in our country since 2006. Our highly professional staffs have an excellent knowledge of destinations, and this let us offer special trips according to each request.

Our History

It was by the end of 2005, when Francisco (returned from a season guiding in Calafate at Eolo Patagonia Spirit Hotel) and Emilio (returned from a working experience at Sheraton Iguazu) joined to see what else Buenos Aires could offer to tourist… after a good season organizing golf tours and Polo tours, they realize that was time to jump to mayor leagues, and decided the foundation of Esteros Viajes DMC (2006).

“It was time to show our country to every visitor that was wondering to visit it.”

A small office in the downtown of Buenos Aires was witness of the growing of the company (the legend says that during winter it was easy to find penguins in the office). At the beginning with travellers from Latin America and since 2009 (and after moving to a bigger and warmer office) with travellers from Europe and the entire America, Esteros Viajes arrives to 2017 with more than 2500 passengers per year…

Participation in trade shows

Why Esteros?

Customized Programs

We are ready to prepare new programs for each request. The knowledge of destinations allows us to bring new ideas and also find the best ways to prepare excellent programs

We have two ways to present our proposals:

Day by day price per services

Day by day detailed itinerary

Very fast answer

We aim to send proposals within 24hs.

This seems to be a slogan…. But we work hardly every day to reach this objective.

Online tariff

We give our customers a username and password to access to our website and see updated prices of all almost all the products in Argentina.

You can also find pictures of hotels and description of excursion. We work daily to bring new prices to our website.

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Excellent prices and services

We are sure that the excellence in the service is a must. Passengers are far away from home, and need to have as much information as possible of what they will be doing, the pick-up times and someone to contact at every moment during their stay in Argentina.

Good prices and deals with almost all the products of Argentina is also something you will find with Esteros Viajes.