El Calafate

Lakes & Glaciers

Taste glaciar-ice scotch while listening to the south wind flirting with the diverse ice mass formations.

Put on your crampons and walk towards the heart and soul of Perito Moreno. Forty to fifty- metre-deep cracks, caves, cliffs and drains facing the void challenge the most adventurous traveler temper. Surrounded by lakes and glaciers, Calafate is a unique refuge at the ends of Patagonia. Taste glaciar-ice scotch while listening to the south wind flirting with the diverse ice mass formations. Cross The Andes and discover Torres del Paine (Chile) with its unmistakable tower and horn formations. Walk through El Chaltén, the trekking national capital (Entrance door to the continental ice), and take a nap in Laguna de los Tres while you gaze at the ever-rising and fabulous Fitz Roy.

Average Temperatures


December/February 55.4°F


March/May 44.6°F


June/August 33.8°F


September/November 44.6°F

Other Destinations

Best time to go: All year long.

Summer: It is considered the high season based on the large number of visitors. The climate is dry and rains are not frequent. Sun rises at 5:30am and doesn’t set until 11pm. Fall: The climate is cooler and low season starts after Holy Week. This is an excellent time to travel given the lower cost hotel fees. Winter: It is wise to remember that this time of the year makes it impossible to take some tours such as “Minitrekking” or “Big ice”. In spite of that, the glaciers can be seen given their unchanging behavior along the year. Spring: From September onwards temperature starts to rise and snow to disappear. The contrast of the glaciers and the blossoming plants are worth watching.


» Location: Argentinean Southwest
» Airport: Cte. Armando Tola El Calafate International Airport (FTE).

» Flight times to:
Buenos Aires: 3:20 hr.
Ushuaia: 1:25hr.
Bariloche: 1:45 hr.
Puerto Madrym: 1:51 hr.

What to wear

Trekking shoes are recommendable if you are considering taking a walk, the “Minitrekking” or “Big Ice”. As for clothing, if you travel in summer the morning and afternoon may be cold being 2pm the hottest time of the day; that is why it is better to wear light clothes you can get rid of as temperature gets higher instead of one single jacket which will not allow you to control the body temperature. For the glacier tour it is recommended to carry a windbreaker to face the frozen wind. Finally, we suggest you to carry enough clothes in winter due to the fact that this part of Patagonia is located in a latitude which is similar to the one in London, at the Northern hemisphere.

Must See / Do

» Take the Perito Moreno glacier tour.

» Walk with trampons over the Perito Moreno Glacier (tour “Minitrekking” or “Big Ice”).

» Taste Patagonian lamb (cooked in the sword with fire during many hours)

» Taste the “calafate”; typical fruit from the region which was named after it.

How long do you need?

2 nights minimum in order to have a full day. We, however, recommend 3 nights.

» The first day we suggest you to visit the Perito Moreno Glacier and take the “Minitrekking” or “Big Ice” optional tours. In case you don’t want to walk on the ice we suggest you to take the one-hour “Safari Náutico” tour which allows you to watch the Perito Moreno’s south wall. This sailing is included in both trekking tours over the glacier.

» The following day we suggest you to take the “Todo Glaciares” tour or a visit to a ranch in the Patagonian steppe. During the first tour you will be able to see Spegazzini glacier which has the tallest wall in the park (135m) and navigate between icebergs. Nibepo Aike would be our recommendation for a ranch in Patagonia.

» Should you have a complete day we recommend El Chaltén (national capital of trekking) tour or Torres del Paine in Chile. If you visit this area in winter, we suggest you to take the “Winter Experience”; which includes different snow activities travelling in a 4×4.

Places to Eat

» La Tablita. Patagonic Asado.
Rosales 24. ($$). (+54 02902) 491 065

» Casimiro Bigua. Patagonic Asado.
Libertador 963. ($$$). (+54 02902) 492 590

» Don Pichón. Patagonic Asado.
Puerto Deseado 242. ($$). (+54 02902) 492 577