Andean Patagonia

Become the leading character of this daydream city that only Walt Disney industry is capable of portraying

In the middle of the Arrayanes forest, a fairy tale house surrounded by “pudú-pudú” deer was the starting point for Bambi. Breathe Cerro Tronador’s Patagonian air while you raise upon hanging glaciers paths and crystal waters. Experience the Lake Crossing from Bariloche to Peulla (Chile) and taste the exquisite Swiss chocolate during the boat and bus crossing of The Andes. Feel the celebrated Seven Lakes unbeatable path, where endless ñires bushes, cañas, colihues, calafates and lengas ornamented tracks lead you to multicolored majestic lakes from Villa la Angostura to Villa Traful. Either walking, sailing, swimming or riding you will be able to discover one of the richest Patagonian postcards.

Average Temperatures


December/February 68°F


March/May 57.2°F


June/August 42.8°F


September/November 57.2°F

Other Destinations

Best time to go: All year long.

Winter: The weather is very cold just like in any other ski resort; however, this city not only offers excellent ski slopes and different ways of going up for skiers but also provides a great variety of options for non-skiers. We recommend not to travel in July, if possible, given that this is the highest season (100% of the accommodation running and extremely high fees) for the South American countries winter holidays. Rest of the year: You will find better temperatures than in winter and the activities are the same. The landscapes vary according to the season. Spring is particularly appealing for blossoming plants and gardens.


» Location: West-South of Argentina

» Flight times to:
Buenos Aires: 2:20 hr.
El Calafate: 1:45 hr.
Mendoza: 1:40 hr.

» Airports: San Carlos de Bariloche
International Airport (BRC)

What to wear

You should carry warm clothes in winter; it is the snowy season. If you plan to be part of the winter activities the use of waterproof clothing is recommended, specially footwear. Boots with “Gore-Tex” (a material which allows your body to sweat but forbids water to get in) are a good option. Normally you could wear shirts and shorts in summer as temperature rises as high as 30ºC (86º). However, you must not forget that this is still Patagonia and there is a cold wind blowing from The Andes.

How long do you need?

» The first day we suggest you to take the “Circuito Chico and Cerro Catedral” tour where you will visit Bariloche’s most highlighted spots.

» The second day you could take the “Isla Victoria and Bosque de Arrayanes” tour where you will sail the Nahuel Huapi, visit Victoria Island and a unique woodland area.

Must See / Do

» Climb one of the hills of the area in a chairlift. In Cerro Campanario or Cerro Catedral you will have a panoramic view of the area from where you will be able to see such distant points as Cerro Tronador (40 km/ 25mi) or most of Nahuel Huapi’s extension (45 km/ 28mi).

» Take a lacustrine tour such as “Victoria Island and Arrayanes Forest”, “Blest Port extended to Frías lake” or the famous “Lake Crossing”.

» Have a pie with hot chocolate or a tasty coffee in one of the area’s best tea houses.

» Taste fresh raspberries in chocolate sauce from Rapa Nui chocolate store.

» Taste the “dulce de leche” filled chocolate teddy bears in “Fenoglio”.

» Taste the smoked salmon, wild boar and deer.

Places to Eat

» El Patacón. Patagonic.
Bustillo 7000. ($$). (+54 2944) 442 898

» El Boliche de Alberto. Patagonic.
Villegas 347. ($). (+54 2944) 431 433

» Butterfly. Contemporary.
Huan 7831. ($$$). (+54 2944) 461 441

» Familia Weiss. Patagonic.
Valte Oconnor 401. ($$). (+54 2944) 435 789