Culinary Experience in Salta and Buenos Aires


Gastronomic Tour For lovers of fine cuisine, a day to enjoy the regional cuisine of the Northwest. During the morning, a visit to San Miguel Market, where local products and spices, and various oddities will capture the attention of many. Based on a list according to the dish to cook, we´ll seek out the best ingredients as well as being in contact with local culture. We develop a kitchen activity, where customs and stories will be shared at a regional cuisine while the dish is prepared advised by a local chef, to conclude finally tasting the same

Buenos Aires

The proposal in Buenos Aires consist in going to the house of a Porteño to start the fire of a barbecue… during the program we will learn how to prepare an asado (barbecue). Asado isn’t just a barbecue, or a cultural tradition, it’s a main source of national pride.

We will begin the program lighting the fire, and end it with a typical desert. In the middle we will learn about what we will taste and how it is grilled.