Wine & Mountains

The Andean Argentinean wineries are ranked among the world’s twenty best wine producers. (Wine Spectator International magazine)

Just like Napa Valley in California or the Bordeaux region in France, Mendoza relates to the sophisticated wine world. Explore this pleasant destination and taste the best Latin American wine surrounded by The Andes snowy peaks. Visit the different wineries this majestic city offers and taste young wines made from 1,350 metre-high (circa 4,429ft) grapes directly from the tanks. However, Mendoza does not only stand out for the wine world, it also offers unbeatable journeys and landscapes. Drive through the fabulous high mountain route until you meet The Andes at its best: the Aconcagua. With 6,959 metres high (circa 22,831ft) it is considered South America’s roof and adventure travelers challenge it every year with the aim of conquering its summit. Finally, discover why the NASA compares the Valle de la Luna and Talampaya (protected areas at a few km from Mendoza city) with the Moon’s and Mars’ fascinating satellite images. Whether for adventure or pleasure, this destination is one of the favorites among Argentina’s tourists.

Average Temperatures


December/February 77°F


March/May 68°F


June/August 46.4°F


September/November 68°F

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Best time to go

Spring and fall are probably the best times to travel given the warm daylight temperature for the tours. Nights vary from cool to cold. Winter. Low temperatures with snow at the mountains peak (“Alta Montaña” tour). The vineyards and wineries are located in lower altitudes, therefore snow is not frequent and the tours can be made normally.


» Location: West-Center of Argentina

» Airport: Ing. Francisco Gabrielli (MDZ). International Airport.

» Flight times to:
Buenos Aires: 1:55 hr.
Bariloche: 1:40 hr.
Salta: 1:25 hr.

What to wear

Take heavy clothing in winter as if you were heading to any snowy destination. The mountain area is at 3,200mts (circa 10,498ft) over sea level. In the summer this area may be cool or windy, so it is advisable to wear a windbreaker and a light jacket for the night.

Must See / Do

» Taste a traditional Malbec in one of the wineries you may visit during your stay. Different wine routes can be organized according to each person’s interest.

» If you are a wine fan you should schedule your trip to reach Mendoza during Grape Harvest (March) and organize your visit beforehand.

» Take the “Alta Montaña” tour where you reach the Chilean border, just at the bottom of the Aconcagua.

» If you are into moon landscapes and you have three or four days left, you will find the Valle de la Luna and Talampaya at 400km (circa 248.5mi) from Mendoza in San Juan and La Rioja provinces respectively. The tours can be organized leaving Mendoza land wise.

Places to Eat

» Francis Mallman 1884. Argentine.
1188 Belgrano, Godoy Cruz. ($$). (+54 261) 424 2698

» Anna Bistró. Gourmet.
Justo 161. ($$). (+54 261) 425 1818

» Azafrán. Argentine.
Sarmiento 765. ($$$). (+54 261) 429 4200

» Ocho Cepas. Argentine.
Perú 1192, esquina Espejo. ($$). (+54 261) 423 2387

How long do you need?

» If you stay one day: If your visit refers to the landscape take the “Alta Montaña through Villavicencio” tour. If you are visiting the city because of the wine, take a winery tour.

» If you stay two days: This would be the best thing in order to make all the previously mentioned activities. There is also time left to make a city tour and visit the Carrodilla church.

» If you stay three or more days: You will have time to visit Valle de la Luna, Talampaya and the Atuel canyon, do rafting, trekking or horseback riding. You may also spend extra days in a gastronomic/wine experience.

Wineries for tasting

Requesting an appointment is highly recommended.

» Achaval Ferrer
2061 Calle Cobos, Perdriel, Luján de Cuyo; (+54 351) 425 3812

» Catena Zapata Winery
J. Cobos, Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo; (+54 261) 413 1100

» Salentein Wineries
Ruta 89, Los Arboles, Tunuyán; (+54 262) 242 9500

» O. Fournier Wineries and Vineyards
Calle Los Indios, La Consulta, San Carlos; (+54-262) 245 1579

» Clos de los Siete
Calle Clodomiro Silva, Vista Flores, Tunuyán; (+54-261) 405 5606

» Mendel Vineyards and Wineries
1863 Calle Terrada, Mayor Drummond, Luján de Cuyo; (+54-261) 498 4239

» Vines of Mendoza Tasting Room
567 Calle Espejo, Mendoza; 707/320-2699 or +54-261/438-1031

» The Winery. Wine store in a restored mansion. 898 Chile, Mendoza;