Puerto Madryn

Wild Fauna & Wide Sea

Come and discover the reason why adventure travelers arrive at Península de Valdés every year with one sole goal: to watch a show that only Discovery Channel documentaries are able to broadcast.

Exotic animals and a wild fauna bring tourists from the unreachable to the real thing. Hand in hand with a Patagonian steppe backdrop which goes deep into the sea, Puerto Madryn and Trelew become a Magellan penguin and multicolored birds station and a sea elephants and wolves dwelling. This adventure combines a wonderful show which delights the traveler’s senses by watching the Southern Right Whale and the toninas overas (a kind of small shark) and the unbeatable experience of interacting with around 500,000 penguins.

Average Temperatures


December/February 69.8°F


March/May 57.2°F


June/August 44.6°F


September/November 57.2°F

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Best time to go

Summer: It is very hot during daytime with cooler and nicer nights. The climate allows you to enjoy the beaches and bathe in the sea. You will be able to watch: toninas overas, sea wolves, sea elephants, Magellan penguins, birds and orcas. You will not be able to watch the Southern Right Whale. This is the best time to visit Punta Tombo penguin resort. Fall: You can only find sea wolves, sea elephants and birds during this time which is why this season is not recommended. Winter: The weather is cold but it is the best time to watch the Southern Right Whale which starts to arrive at the coast in June. You will also be able to watch toninas overas and sea wolves and elephants. Spring: From September onwards temperature starts to rise. You will be able to watch: Southern Right Whales, toninas overas, sea wolves and elephants and birds. Penguins start to arrive at the coast in November. Whales also leave the coast in this month.


» Location: Argentinean Southeast

» Airport: Almirante M. A. Zar Trelew International Airport (REL) 1 hr. road transfer.

» Flight times to: Buenos Aires: 2:00 hr. El Calafate: 1:51 hr. Ushuaia: 2:10 hr.

What to wear

Light clothes in the summer due to the hot weather and something warm for the night. Heavy clothing in the fall, spring and winter given that the tours are made in the coast and days could be windy.

Must See

» Southern Right Whale, toninas overas, sea wolves, sea elephants, Magellan penguins, birds and orca watching, depending on the time of the year.

» Visit Punta Tombo; the world’s biggest continental penguin resort.

» Embark in Puerto Pirámide to watch the Southern Right Whale.

» Watch the Southern Right Whale from El Doradillo Beach, where you will be able to see them at 20km (12.5mi) far from the coast.

» Have a typical Welsh tea in Gaiman; a Welsh community in Chubut’s river valley.

Tip: In order to reach this part of Patagonia you must fly to Trelew’s airport (REL). This facility works for the former city and also Puerto Madryn. The latter is a more picturesque and prepared for tourism city, this is way most of the hotels are located there.

Do How long do you need?

If you stay one day: This will be enough to take the tour to Península Valdés (the most important animal to watch: the Southern Right Whale) or the Punta Tombo tour (the most important animal to watch: Magellan penguin) together with the visit to Gaiman.

If you stay two days: This is the perfect time with two full days: one for Península Valdés and the other one for the Punta Tombo Penguin resort and the Gaiman tour.

Places to Eat

» Patagonia Restobar. Argentine.
Belgrano 323. ($$). (+54 02965) 452 249.

» Cantina el Náutico. Seafood.
Av. Salta, Purmamarca. ($$). (+54 02965) 455 991.

» Restaurante Placido. Argentine.
Av. Roca 506. ($$). (+54 3868) 455 991.