Culture of Colors

The Argentinean north is one of the country’s most secret and impregnable regions which undoubtedly provides cultural and archeological trips.

Getting inside the Northern world means entering a time tunnel formed by thousands of traces and imprints of what once was an Inca trail, a mule driver route, a sugar refinery and a royal army footpath. Discover the world’s highest vineyards in a journey through Estancia Colomé, located between heaven and earth (2,300mts above sea level) in the heavenly Calchaquí valley. Altitude wines and gourmet Andean cuisine make this an unimaginable destination. Go over this fabulous lineage and tradition territory in a journey from Salta to San Antonio de los Cobres on board the spectacular Cloud Train. Endless vineyards, abandoned mines, adobe towns, nameless roads and eternal White salt pans shape the Argentinean north infinite territory.

Average Temperatures


December/February 69.8°F


March/May 60.8°F


June/August 50°F


September/November 66.2°F

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Best time to go

Fall and Winter are both an excellent time to sightsee the area. There is a big temperature range on fall. During summer days are very hot and it is also the thaw season, that is why some outlying mountain roads are flooded by the rivers swell. Iruya, for instance, can not be visited during this time of the year.


» Location: Argentinean Northwest

» Airport: Martín Miguel de Güemes (SLA). International Airport.

» Flight times to: Buenos Aires: 2:15 hr. Mendoza: 1:25hr.
Puerto Iguazú: 2:00 hr.

What to wear

You should take warm clothes at any time of the year given that some of the touristic spots are at more than 4,000mts above sea level; thus even January (middle of the summer) could be cold. Winds are also present at this height so a windbreaker is always helpful. Heavy clothes are recommended throughout the year because nights tend to be cold.

Must See / Do

» Travel across Humahuaca Gorge which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If possible stay 1 night at Purmamarca or Tilcara.

» Travel in the Clouds train . It departs every Saturday from Salta Train Station.

» Visit Argentina’s second most important wine route in Cafayate.

» Visit Argentina’s second most important wine route in Cafayate. Taste the Torrontes Wine & stay at a lodge next to the vineyards.

» If you are a ranch lover stay in El Bordo de las Lanzas or Finca Valentina.

» Salta is the Argentinean province with more local gastronomy. Do not miss the different types of empanadas, tamales, humitas and locros. You will also find fusion cuisine dishes such as the tasty goat cheese filled corn empanadas, the special chicken spicy, subtle little pies and the serviñakuy (cinnamon frozen mousse with rice pudding), a dessert you can not miss.

» Visit Iruya, a lost in time town in the middle of the mountain.

Wineries for tasting

Requesting an appointment is highly recommended.

» Bodega José L.Mounier
El Divisadero, Cafayate; (+54 3868) 422 129

» Estancia Colomé
Km. 20, Ruta Provincial 53, Molinos; (+54 3868) 494 200

» San Pedro de Yacochuya
C.C. No. 1, Cafayate; (+54 387) 431 9439

How long do you need?

» If you stay 1 day: One day is not enough to visit this area. We recommend, however, to visit the Humahuaca Gully and all the small towns aside the road. If you come to this area looking for the Wine Route, we recommend you to head southeast towards Cafayate and visit some of its vineyards and wineries.
» If you stay 2 days: This is the average time with two full days; the first one heading north to the Humahuaca Gully and the second one to visit Cafayate.
» If you stay 3 or more days: The best thing for this destination would be to have four nights. With three full days you could take the previously mentioned tours and also head west towards San Antonio de los Cobres and the length to Jujuy’s Big Salines. There are two different ways of visiting this area, the first one with the Cloud Train and the second one with 4×4 vehicles.
Northwest worth at least 4 days but it won’t be a bad idea to stay for 6 or 7 days.
» If you stay for 4 days, you should visit Salta city and chose of visiting Calchaquies Valleys or Humahuaca Gorge.
» If you stay for 5 – 6 days, you can visit Salta City and the circuit of Calchaquies Valleys and Humahuaca Gorge
» If you stay for 7 days, you will have the chance to visit Salta, Humahuaca Gorge (including Iruya and Salinas grandes) and Calchaquies Valleys (with Cafayate, Molinos and Cachi).

Wines to Taste

» Casona del Molino. Local cuisine.
Luis Burela 1, Salta. ($$). (+54 387) 434 2835
» Los Morteros. Local Cuisine.
Av. Salta, Purmamarca. ($$). (+54 388) 490 8063
» Terruño Gourmet. Argentine.
Guemes Sur No. 28, Cafayate. ($$). (+54 3868) 422 460
» Wines:Yacoyuya (Torrontes), Colome (Torrontes; and Estate), Ciclos (Cabernet Savignon)